Bring The The Creative Footprint To Your City
To apply for campaign support, you need to bring local stakeholders and influencers on board. Be aware, that this will take some time for preparation. It might be helpful to team up with others, arrange meetings and conduct online research prior to submitting.
During this process we will also evaluate if there are public and private sponsors that can be engaged, in order to reduce the amount of the crowdfunding.1. Create a list of stakeholders in your local music scene, as well as public influencers and city officials2. Share this page with them and get confirmation of their support3. Fill out the form here4. We will get back to you immediately and set up a call to discuss the next steps5. We will set up a campaign page and develop a communication strategy with you
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Name at least 3 key persons in media and networks
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Name at least 3 key persons in night time economy and music culture
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